Kingly Wagyu House Nusa Sentral Johor Bahru

Kingly Wagyu House, a place where I enjoyed Wagyu and other Japanese food | When my friends and I went to Kingly Wagyu House that day, it had been a while since I had Japanese food. So I was full of anticipation and it turned out Kingly Wagyu House is beyond my expectations.

We were greeted by the staffs at the front door, "Welcome." I was rest assured by the display of Halal meat certification and meat quality proof by the glass door. The moment I entered the premise, I felt like I was somewhere in Japan, with the displays and interior design.

The Gold Wagyu

Gold Wagyu 

The extravagant presentation of The Gold Wagyu truly matches the palate adventure I went into. When I witnessed the chef preparing this through the glass window looking into the kitchen, I was already mesmerized by that big display. When the big, gold cow was presented at our tables, we really went "Woah!" The Gold Wagyu consists of chicken thighs, two lamb parts, wagyu sticks and 5 wagyu beef parts, which includes Kataruso (chuck roll), Shin shin (knuckle), Rampu (rump), Uchimomo (top round) and Katabara (brisket).

What makes the experience better is we were accompanied by a staff member who grilled them for us while explaining which part is which and how to eat it best. Apparently, we must eat the grilled meat 30 seconds after it's done to really taste its best, fresh and juicy form. You can also request to grill them on your own, if you prefer privacy.

To preserve the taste of wagyu beef, even the griller was seasoned with wagyu fat. I was more surprised when I learned this. The great length they go to serve the best wagyu is truly beyond my expectations.

We had the wagyu beef first, the sticks, the lamb and finally the chicken thighs. At first I was like "I'm okay if I don't get the chicken, they can have them all, since I eat that all the time". Boy, how I was wrong! To describe the chicken thighs as juicy, tender and flavourful is an understatement. Probably the best chicken thigh I had ever had.

Fresh Oyster Garlic

As a fan of oyster, oyster garlic is how I like it best. So when I saw this menu, I was happy. Tasting the freshness of the oyster made me happier. I think the garlic was baked or fried and put on top of the fresh oyster and topped with ebiko (shrimp roe). This is just my guess. Haha. Nevertheless it was so good I had two of them when all my friends had one each.

Seafood Mini Hotpot

Seafood mini hotpot is accompanied with fresh prawns, squids and oyster. The soup is already fantastic by itself, it must've been the broth. Adding fresh seafood into it makes it the bomb. If I was there on my own, I would've finished the whole pot by myself ngl.

The thing was, we were so enjoying the barbeques performance (presentation?) by Hui Mei, the staff member, that we forgot to dip the seafood into the hotpot. Only when another staff member offered to refill the soup did we realize we had been eating only the vegetables and soup. This is what happens when you eat and laugh non stop in front of food. 

Spicy Chicken Chasu Ramen

To my fellow ramen lovers, put your hands up together with me. When I saw the word 'spicy' it didn't faze me cause I love spicy food and Japanese kind of spicy couldn't match Malaysian kind, usually. So I filled up my bowl to the brim with this ramen and the broth, and topped it up with the chicken chasu, before offering the rest of the bowl to my friends. It was when I took the first sip and bite the ramen that I realized that this Spicy Chicken Chasu Ramen really lives up to it's name. It's spicy! Really spicy! What a pleasant surprise. I love it!

With all the Wagyu luxuries and seafood juiciness, I'm glad this comfort is on the menu. It is the basic meal that has been put together with attention to details, which made it stood out among the other delicacies.

Sushi Platter

I like my sushi plain, just like my barbecue. Some of my friends find this strange about me. But really, I just want to taste food as they are. So when I say "This sushi is good" I really mean the sushi is good, not the sauce, not the wasabi.

I had the unagi and white fish (I am sorry I don't recognize that fish) sushi, which was served on top of the rice sashimi-style. When I bite into them, I can taste the tenderness and juiciness of raw fish. It brought me into cloud nine the whole time I was chewing. It made me do the good-food dancing and humming iykwim.


Again, unagi. It's probably one of my favourite things in the whole universe (together with Wagyu beef, lamb and ramen). This sweet and smoky unagi topped with sesame is perfectly paired with Japan sticky rice. I like to eat it mixed with the broth from the hotpot, so the rice will be washed with the unagi sauce. So good.

What Else to Eat at Kingly Wagyu House

On the same gathering, my friends and I also had Wagyu Curry Don, Wagyu Garlic Fried Rice and Wagyu Black Truffle Yaki Gyoza. Personally, I'm not a fan of Japanese curry. But this Wagyu curry has been made to preserve the Wagyu taste. So if you are into Wagyu and Japanese curry, go for this.

Wagyu Curry Don 

Wagyu Garlic Fried Rice 

I love the Wagyu Garlic Fried Rice. It was savoury and smoky. The rice was evenly fried so the garlic and Wagyu goodness can be tasted in every single grain.

Wagyu Black Truffle Yaki Gyoza 

Sadly, I didn't get to taste the Wagyu Black Truffle Yaki Gyoza. It must've been so good for my friends it was gone in a matter of minutes. Never mind. The rest of them all are more than enough to make me happy.

Entertainment and Party Space

Kingly Wagyu House features VIP rooms, an openbay on the first floor and golf room on the top floor. They are conveniently accessible with elevator.

They offer finger food at the openbay and golf room. We had Tori Karagae, Ebi Tempura, Fried Shisamo and Unagi Maki at the openbay.

Later at the golf room, we had some more snacks including Edamame, Fish Head, Chawanmushi, Chuka Idako and Saba Shioyaki.

For updates, enquiries and reservation

Follow Kingly Wagyu House on Facebook and Instagram. You may contact Kingly Wagyu House at +60138801193. Kingly Wagyu House is located at 193, Jln Sentral 24, Taman Nusa Sentral, 79100 Iskandar Puteri, Johor.

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